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Lifetime tinkerer, creator, and optimizer with an affinity to entrepreneurship and all things medical, health and nutrition.

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Passion and curiosity- whether in myself or others. Seeing the spark of a question or the fire of passion for learning more about how things one, serving one's community, or even doing them together is inspiring.

I can pick up alternate pronunciations or "accents" fairly easily. Especially accents and dialects within English. As any true superpower, it took some work to master this. As a teenager, I used to talk on the phone to my cousin in South Carolina (back when long distance calls were expensive). She had a strong Southern accent and apparently I picked it up during each conversation. I wondered how my parents always knew when we talked until one day my sister told me "Why do you sound Southern?". I would return to my usual pronunciation in another few minutes. Overtime, I found I had the same result for Brooklyn, Irish, (posh) London, Australian, Rwandan and other pronunciations.

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