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I am a Civil Engineer, EIT with work experience in Colorado and internationally, primarily focusing on water resources engineering and policy. Currently, I am a graduate student at the Mortensen Center for Global Engineering at the University of Colorado and was a Research Fellows with Engineering for Change this summer. Most recently, I lived and worked in Northern Uganda where I was the Engineering Field Director for a pay-as-you-go solar social enterprise, then the co-founder and lead engineer for a water supply social enterprise. Over the years, I have worked on projects in Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Guatemala, and Peru. Most project have focused on water supply distribution and wastewater assessment and design. In Colorado, I have worked in water rights protection and development for a municipal water utility, Colorado and US water policy, wetlands restoration, Wild & Scenic Rivers, Colorado and Arkansas River basins, and other stakeholder groups and infrastructure development requirements. I am passionate about equitable and sustainable access to WASH services globally.

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