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      Depending on the level of accuracy, MEMS gyroscope can be divided into navigation, tactical and consumer levels. The tactical MEMS gyroscope is between the three levels, the cost is lower than the navigation MEMS gyroscope, but the accuracy level is higher than the consumer MEMS gyroscope. Unlike low-precision consumer MEMS gyroscopes, which are used in smart phones, automobiles, VR and other fields, tactical MEMS gyroscope can be used in aerospace, unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVS, satellite navigation, robotics and unmanned driving.
      There are five tactical MEMS gyroscopes from Ericco, all with a range of 400°/s, which can meet the needs of many fields of work.

      If you are interested in the tactical level of MEMS gyroscope knowledge, can read: https://www.ericcointernational.com/gyroscope/mems-gyroscope

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