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      According to the different level of accuracy, MEMS gyroscope can be divided into: navigation grade, tactical grade and consumer grade. The difference in accuracy level between these three levels is about 10 times. For example, the angular random walk of the navigation grade is < 0.001°/√hr, and the tactical grade is 0.5-0.05°/√hr. The consumer grade is > 0.5°/√hr. Bias instability is < 0.01°/hr for navigation, 0.1-10°/hr for tactical, and 10-1000°/hr for consumer.
      In the past, we often introduced the navigation-level MEMS gyroscope, and today we discuss the tactical level MEMS gyroscope. Although the tactical level is not as accurate as the navigation level, its application fields are also very wide, such as aerospace, oil logging, directional drilling, unmanned aerial vehicles, mapping systems and so on. For example, ER-MG-067 is a high-performance MEMS gyroscope with an angular random walk of 0.125°/√hr and bias instability of 0.3°/hr.

      Read more about this MEMS gyroscope: https://www.ericcointernational.com/gyroscope/mems-gyroscope/high-performance-mems-gyroscope-2.html

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