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      The accuracy level of a tactical MEMS gyroscope is shown in the poster, and we use ER-MG2-069 as an example. It has a range of 400deg/s, bias instability of 0.1 deg/hr, and an angular random walk of 0.05 deg/hr.
      Although the precision level is not as high as that of navigation MEMS gyroscope, the application range of tactical MEMS gyroscope is still very wide. It can be applied to AHRS, UAV, unmanned vehicle, IMU positioning and orientation, mainly for pitch, roll and heading measurement.
      In addition to the advantages of MEMS gyroscope, such as small size, low power consumption, light weight and other characteristics, compared with navigation-grade MEMS gyroscope, station data MEMS gyroscope is more cost-effective, and it is a very good choice for customers who need to control the budget.
      More information about this kind of gyro: https://www.ericcointernational.com/gyroscope/high-performance-tactical-grade-mems-gyroscope.html

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