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      Ordinary MEMS gyroscope generally measure angular velocity at an operating temperature of -40 to +85 ° C. However, with the higher and higher precision level of MEMS gyroscope, it can meet the needs of more and more fields. Therefore, MEMS gyroscope has made good achievements in oil logging, directional drilling and other fields. In order to complete the drilling work, MEMS gyroscope must meet the requirements of high temperature resistance, shock vibration resistance, and resistance to harsh environments, so MEMS gyroscope is becoming more and more advanced.
      ER-MG2-022 is to meet the needs of the oil logging field, specially designed for the gyro tool high temperature MEMS gyroscope, its maximum operating temperature can reach 125℃, can better withstand high temperature, to meet the needs of more and more customers.

      More about this high temperature MEMS gyroscope: https://www.ericcointernational.com/gyroscope/mems-gyroscope/high-temperature-north-seeking-mems-gyro-for-gyro-tools125c.html

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