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      To judge whether the performance of a MEMS gyroscope is excellent, we should look at its range, bias instability, angular random walk and other technical indicators. As an important part of surface navigation, navigation MEMS gyroscope can play a great role in oil logging, directional drilling, mining, surveying and mapping and other fields.
      In the previously very popular north seeking MEMS gyroscope ER-MG2-50/100, the range that can be achieved is 50-100 deg/s, however, this data is increasingly unable to meet the needs of more fields. Then the navigation grade north seeking MEMS gyroscope ER-MG2-200 was born, and on the basis of maintaining the original accuracy level, the range is expanded to 200 deg/s, which better meets the needs of various fields.
      The bias instability of MEMS gyroscope ER-MG2-200 is 0.02°/hr and the angular random walk is 0.005°/√hr. On the basis of maintaining the original precision level, it also retains the advantages of small size and low power consumption. It can be used in gyro tools/logging tools, mining equipment, mapping and railway systems.

      Read more about the MEMS gyroscope: https://www.ericcointernational.com/gyroscope/mems-gyroscope/high-performance-navigation-grade-mems-gyroscope.html

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