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      MEMS gyroscopes are the third generation gyroscope developed in the history of gyro. It measures the angular velocity of the carrier based on the Coriolis force. MEMS gyroscope has been in a stage of continuous progress since its birth, and the earlier accuracy level is not high, and now the accuracy of MEMS gyroscope is getting higher and higher, and it has become a new choice for more and more industries. Because MEMS gyroscopes have different accuracy levels, they are also more widely applicable. Consumer MEMS gyroscopes are mainly used in smart phones, VR and other fields, while higher level MEMS gyroscopes are used in aerospace, drones, oil logging, directional drilling, mining, mapping and other fields.
      MEMS gyroscopes have the following advantages:
      1. Small size, light weight. A MEMS gyro is the size of a fingernail.
      2. Low cost. Its cost is low, so it is suitable for the field of cost control.
      3. Low power consumption. Because MEMS gyroscopes are small, their consumption is also low.
      4. Easy to mass produce.
      5. Strong adaptability, can better adapt to the harsh environment.

      MEMS gyroscopes have the advantages above that other gyroscopes do not have, because they become the choice of more people.
      Click to learn more: https://www.ericcointernational.com/gyroscope/mems-gyroscope

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