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      MEMS gyroscope is a kind of inertial sensor based on Coriolis effect and is the third generation of micromechanical gyro. Compared with other gyroscopes, it is small in size, light in weight, low in cost, easy to mass produce, and has good adaptability, which can resist vibration and shock. The MEMS gyroscope contains a mass block, and the mass block is surrounded by a spring. When the object moves, the spring will change with the direction of the object, so as to measure the angular velocity of the object.
      This MEMS gyroscope is a tactical MEMS gyroscope, which is different from the high precision of the navigation MEMS gyroscope, and its accuracy level is also excellent, but the cost is lower than the navigation level, and it can adapt to the needs of more fields. For example, the ER-MG-069 has a measuring range of 400°/s, zero bias instability of 0.1°/hr, and dimensions of only 11×11×2mm.

      To learn more about this MEMS gyroscope or more about it, please read: https://www.ericcointernational.com/gyroscope/high-performance-tactical-grade-mems-gyroscope.html

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