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The E4C Fellowship offers early career technical professionals the chance to strengthen their professional and technical skills while working on impactful projects and networking with other global change-makers.

E4C Fellowships

An extraordinary opportunity for early career technical professionals to develop your professional and leadership skills while addressing a real-world Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) challenge. Collaborate with experts and best-in-class peers while deepening your understanding of engineering for sustainable development.

The Engineering for Change (E4C) Fellowship is a workforce development program at the intersection of engineering and sustainable development. E4C activates and empowers early-career engineers and technical professionals to solve critical local and global challenges.

How Our Fellowships Work

The Fellowship consists of three core elements: 1) Learning Program, 2) Impact Projects, and 3) Networking. Fellows engage part-time for 5 months from May to September, building and strengthening their professional and technical skills, network and experience.

Fellowships advance career paths through 30+ hours of Learning Program engagement designed for training and expanding knowledge in the sector, 400+ hours of research/design work, and 30+ hours of networking online with peers and expert advisors. The program requires a part-time commitment of 20-25 hours per week through virtual engagement.

The Fellowship is 100% remote and accepting candidates from any geographical location.

Inspired changemakers are encouraged to apply.

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