Automated System for Venture Funding of Affordable Housing Technologies

An Advancing Workflow project to support Hometeam Ventures in identifying solutions to scouting early-stage construction startups who would benefit from funding and support. Sponsored by The Autodesk Foundation.

Automated System for Venture Funding of Affordable Housing Technologies

Construction and housing are some of the world’s largest but least innovative industries. Predictions suggest that three billion people will be living without access to adequate shelter by 2030. Innovation in the construction industry is necessary to close the housing gap worldwide and ensure cheaper, sustainable housing solutions. Startups are early-stage businesses with huge ideas, and they frequently demonstrate great innovation, create jobs, and introduce new technology and services that can boost the economy.

To that end, Hometeam Ventures (HTV) wants to track innovative early-stage startups and their founding members to understand their interests and form collaborations with them at an early stage. Through funding or assistance, HTV helps ensure the success of startups.

After thorough research into possible solutions that can help with collecting the data that HTV requires to scout potential early-stage startups, the Fellow identified primary objectives to target. First of all, to create Python scripts for managing the process and supporting the automation of technology scouting (e.g., web crawling/scraping). Secondly, upgrading old automation scripts to adapt to the database change from Notion to Affinity. A backend tool was also developed to work with LinkedIn APIs to extract organization data from LinkedIn search filters.

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