Modification of Purification System Design

A Design for Good project to support Splash International in the design of an inline chlorination system for water supply in schools in Ethiopia. Sponsored by The Autodesk Foundation.

Modification of Purification System Design

Splash is undertaking projects across various locations, including Addis Ababa, Kolkata, Kathmandu, and China, with the aim of providing clean water for children. One of their notable initiatives is the implementation of project WISE (WASH in Schools for Everyone) within Ethiopian schools. This project is centered around the enhancement of Water and Sanitation conditions within schools situated in Addis Ababa. Through project WISE, an effort is being made to improve the water supply and sanitation facilities within the educational institutions so as to bring about tangible improvements in the learning environment and ensure student wellbeing.

This project sought to support Splash in improving its existing water distribution system within schools through the integration of a chlorination option. Research was conducted to identify the various chlorination options on the market, and this was superimposed with the available topographical data to identify the design parameters. An inline chlorination tap for the water system was then designed, and chlorine decay modeling was performed to monitor the water quality. This was followed by the design of a tool for digitizing the Free Residual Chlorine levels in the water. This project yielded CAD drawings, water quality models, and a brief instruction manual on how to perform inline chlorination modeling in EPANET.

Inline chlorinator design. Attribution: Denis Owarugambwa

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