Developing a Plug-in to Support Intelligent and Sustainable Manufacturing Supply Chains

An Advancing Workflow project to support Partsimony in the development of method to reduce downtime and costs in manufacturing production. Sponsored by The Autodesk Foundation

Developing a Plug-in to Support Intelligent and Sustainable Manufacturing Supply Chains

Due to enhanced industrialization, today’s product designers and manufacturers face complexity in producing and delivering a product or service to end users. Some factors which contribute to this include increasing demand variability, product designs being more complicated than ever, manufacturing capacity constraints, intense global competition, and increasing customer expectations. Like other sectors, the manufacturing industry is seeing an increase in reliance on technology to complete the production process. With an estimated 80% of the world’s manufacturers being subcontractors, placing a focus on the functionality of the supply chain will help manufacturers avoid having a weak link in their supply chain that could set back production or negatively affect product quality.

Partsimony helps hardware companies turn designs into products with less time, capital, and frustration than ever before. It develops an intelligent supply chain platform that combines data-driven insights with deep industry expertise to help hardware companies conquer the chaos of distributed manufacturer networks. Partsimony, in alliance with Engineering for Change (E4C), is developing a smart supply chain system that eliminates the stress and hassle which occurs in the design and manufacturing of products.

When products are designed by engineers, most times, these designs are complicated for the designer to fabricate. Then comes the struggle to find a competent manufacturer that can manufacture the product at optimal cost and time.

Using a smart network and supply chain system, Partsimony and E4C innovate a bespoke method to drastically reduce downtime in production by integrating a plugin or add-in unit to CAD software such as Autodesk Fusion 360, Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, BIM 360, and so on to aid and connect designers with reputable companies that can manufacture their design at a low cost and minimum time and also relate the designs to the precise target market or audience. The artificial intelligence system extracts production and manufacturing information from the software (designer) and sends the data to Partsimony which uses its IoT and smart networking to get the best manufacturer for the product.

A supply chain network or platform to connect designers, manufacturers, and end users together

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