Mexico Data Set for FutureME Platform

An Impact Research project to support ASME FutureME in the development of tool for engineers to map out their career trajectories. Sponsored by ASME.

Mexico Data Set for FutureME Platform

The FutureMe Platform focuses on early career engineers who are looking for career analytics or to polish their skills, aiming to equip them with the knowledge and tools they need to make career decisions. The platform offers insightful information about a specific region’s labor market, providing insights into occupations, salary trends, and current or future technical information.

Having successfully developed databases for the USA and India in the past, ASME now wants to develop a comprehensive database for the engineering field in Mexico.

Fellows supported the development of the platform by identifying datasets for employment in Mexico, researching potential career roadmaps for mechanical engineers, and collecting data related to occupation, workforce, and salaries. Data was pulled from job websites to extract current salaries, analyze monthly and hourly wages, and calculate dollar conversions and location quotients.

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