Supporting the Development of ASME's FutureME Labor Market Intelligence Tool

An Impact Research project to support ASME in the development of a tool for engineers to map out their career trajectories.

Supporting the Development of ASME’s FutureME Labor Market Intelligence Tool

The ASME FutureME community provides resources and support to early career engineers to ensure their success. The FutureME Labor Market Intelligence Tool allows engineers to explore career opportunities by region to map out their career trajectories and gather market insights based on occupation, salary, and more.

Fellows supported in the development of the tool by identifying datasets for employment (labor market insights) in India as well as exploring potential career roadmaps for mechanical engineers in the United States and India.

Fellows used automatic data sourcing, validation, and cleanup to compile the employment datasets. Additionally, a subset of career pathways were mapped to identify trends in career progression. Interviews were then carried out with engineering professionals to further explore career milestones and the skills necessary for navigating various career paths.

Labor Market Intelligence Map


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