Tag: Development Engineering

Rob Goodier

Impact Design Hub explores meaning and contexts of development engineering

June 19, 2017

PlayPumps have been a cautionary tale in global development engineering since shortly after they were introduced with international fanfare...

Jackie Halliday

Understanding Behavior Change to Ensure Success

February 14, 2016

About this Webinar: Development engineering focuses on the design, delivery and adoption of technology-based solutions. Often behavior change is...

Rob Goodier

A new journal covers engineering for global development

June 10, 2015

Failure claims an elevated status among start-ups and global development practitioners, who hold up their good tries and mistakes...


How to work in engineering and design for global development

December 21, 2013

So, you have decided to put your engineering skills to use in the service of global development, but you’re...

Rob Goodier

Five Questions with Jessica Vechakul

August 14, 2012

For the inventor, one of the draws to design in developing economies is the wide range of technologies that...

Julian Leland

Paying for development engineering: what the government can learn from the private sector

January 4, 2012

Funding international engineering projects can be tricky, but the private sector has evolved some tactics that work. There are...


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