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Rob Goodier

E4C Visualized: What’s a Toilet Worth?

September 9, 2013

Poor sanitation and contaminated water supplies may cost the world as much as $260 billion annually, according to the...

Rob Goodier

Is Air Travel Sustainable?

September 2, 2013

Does air travel negate the “sustainable” part of “sustainable engineering for global development?” Solely in terms of greenhouse gas...

Rob Goodier

Sustainable solutions in emerging markets: Technology, innovation and livelihoods

June 12, 2013

Developing affordable solutions for emerging markets has become an important skill for professionals in many disciplines. Engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists,...

Jed Farlow

Cobbled together: How Indians solve problems with the technologies at hand

May 27, 2013

In India, jugaad is an electrical cord, split and stripped at the end, each wire pushed directly into one...

Rob Goodier

How solid design supports good social marketing: reports from Shell Foundation and HYSTRA

April 25, 2013

Marketing is the dirty word that can sink or sail a device that improves lives in developing communities. Two...

Mike Mader

Exploring challenges & misconceptions in scaling energy access in developing countries

February 27, 2013

About this Webinar: In our increasingly connected world, 1/5th of the population still lack basic access to electricity. This...

Rob Goodier

Ten TED talks in humanitarian design

February 24, 2013

Design features prominently at TED, but we combed through the dozens of interesting presentations to highlight ten talks that...

Rob Goodier

Video: Designing with the bottom of the pyramid

August 10, 2012

Technology designers tend to overestimate their own capacity to solve problems in developing regions. And they can underestimate the...

Rob Goodier

How to successfully distribute water filters

May 15, 2012

Distribution can be the highest hurdle in technology development in areas where resources are scarce. Convincing people to buy...

Rob Goodier

Improving the improved cookstoves: standards, test centers, and tips

April 19, 2012

New standards in cookstove design have helped instill a much-deserved formality in the technology. Ninety experts gathered in the...


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