August 10, 2012

Video: Designing with the bottom of the pyramid

Technology designers tend to overestimate their own capacity to solve problems in developing regions. And they can underestimate the resources at hand. In this webinar, Saul Garlick, CEO of ThinkImpact, explains how to unleash local potential to solve problems in a sustainable way.

Learning first about the preferences, skills and resources of the people who will use the solution boosts your chances of long-term success. Rather than viewing this process as a research assignment, Garlick says, consider it as a need to engage directly with the local population to develop ideas. Solutions that work are local. They utilize local resources, and they flourish locally. In this presentation, Saul will present real-world example and provide and tools to help you change the world.

This is a recording in the E4C Webinars series, Designing with the base of the pyramid. For more webinars in this series, and to register for the next free presentation, please visit


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