Dr. Jeff Walters

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at George Fox University


Systems Tools for Water Service Delivery in Low-Resource Settings

July 8th, 2020 * 12pm ET *

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Sustainable provision of potable water in low resource contexts remains a key challenge for the international water sector, largely due to the complex interaction of factors that drive service delivery outcomes. In response, there has been an increasing prevalence in the use of systems modeling tools and techniques to gain a systems-level understanding of programmatic leverage points.

Unfortunately, these methods tend to be cumbersome and analytically complex. As a result, they are inaccessible, irrelevant, or both to stakeholders who often have the most intimate understanding of the local context. This webinar presents a research program that seeks to develop an accessible and useful tool – rooted in system dynamics and machine learning – that practitioners can use to inform policy and practice for water service delivery. Current progress on the tool’s development and steps forward will be discussed.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Core tenets of systems thinking and how they can be applied to water service planning and management in low resource settings
  • Current state of systems theory and practice applied to water service delivery
  • Complementary combination of system dynamics modeling and machine learning to improve water service policy and practice

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Dr. Jeff Walters is an assistant professor of civil engineering at George Fox University. Jeff’s research seeks to develop and refine decision support techniques rooted in complexity science and systems thinking to improve engineering practice and policy for sustainable rural and urban infrastructure system design and management in developing world contexts. His research has been applied within the sectors of WASH, energy, food, and engineering education.


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