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Helen Lindsay

Technology Research Needed: First Step Toward Improving Life in Syrian Refugee Camps in Lebanon

September 10, 2018

Syrian refugee settlements in Lebanon face challenges in providing for basic needs. These problems are a wide target for...

The Conversation

Far-Sighted Adaptation to Rising Seas Is Blocked by Just Fixing Eroded Beaches

September 6, 2018

Editor’s note: Following this analysis of erosion at US beaches, please see a discussion of the challenge as it...

Kelly Alexander

mWater tops a CARE team’s comparison of ICT tools for monitoring water and sanitation projects

September 4, 2018

The CARE Water+ team reviewed three ICT tools to improve the efficiency of monitoring data on water points and...

Marina Díez Arrizabalaga

Field Notes: Inside a Technical Assessment of Improved Cookstoves in Rural Nicaragua

September 3, 2018

The work of ensuring reliable, affordable and sustainable energy access has taken center stage in the international development sector....

Vineet Abhishek

Bicycles and Pedestrians Are Key to Easing Congestion on Mumbai’s Suburban Trains

August 28, 2018

Nearly 3000 train services carry 8 million passengers daily through Mumbai, India’s financial capital. Suburban trains are chronically overcrowded,...

Alex Moseson

Open Source Workshop Toolkit: Technology Innovation for International Development (Zeer Pot)

August 22, 2018

Few have experienced the unique blend of pains and joys that afflict designers of technology for developing world applications....

Carolina Rojas

Access to Improved Cookstoves in Panama Will Require New Research in Indigenous Communities

August 20, 2018

Lea esto en español Around the world 2.7 billion people still depend on biomass as a cooking fuel. In...

Grace Burleson

How to Incorporate Social Justice into the Engineering Design Process in Seven Steps

August 16, 2018

Engineering students are becoming increasingly interested in issues of social justice. Nearly 45 percent of university students say they...

Sean Furey

Water Has a Bright Future in Solar Pumps

August 15, 2018

A single weather event does not prove climate change, but the heatwave that is hitting much of the Northern...

Cecilia Marsicovetere

Techo’s Modular Shelter Works for Guatemalans Made Homeless After Fuego’s Eruption

August 9, 2018

On June 3rd, Guatemala’s Fuego volcano unleashed a pyroclastic flow of hot gas, ash and rocks that swept down...


Latest Comments

  • Iana Aranda says: As per Bob: reliable source of power or electrical storage and/or backup power is required. This limits the application to where this type of power is available. UV if applied appropriately can be both a safe and effective means of sterilization.

    Sterilux Steribox and Control Station
  • Iana Aranda says: As per Bob: Steam technology requires a source of water and steam – implying high power heating elements. Appropriate sources of clean, chemical free (Calcium, Iron etc.) water are necessary. Although in developed countries this is not a significant issue in developing countries...

    VIP V-10-40 Steam Engine
  • Very helpful we too have a problem with elephants in Sri Lanka.

    Designing Elephant Repellent in Rural Botswana
  • Hi John, thanks for the comment. The use of smoke to repel insects is actually one of the criteria we included in the protocol. There's a section dedicated to location-specific user needs like this one (which can be expanded to include other/uncommon, but important, needs we haven't identified).

    How to Design Improved Cookstoves with Users in Mind: A Usability Protocol
  • One of the key issues involved in the roll-out of ICS is that swathes of households in low-income countries are convinced that, although they may not like it, a smokey house environment inhibits biting insects. I've had quite a few householders tell me why smoke is a good thing, for this and other r...

    How to Design Improved Cookstoves with Users in Mind: A Usability Protocol
  • GoSun now has a full array of solar cookers and solar ovens, including a solar cooking solution during cloudy periods or night.

    GoSun Solar Cooker Sport
  • Depending of the desired temperature and the way you want to heat the mealworm. For low temperature, a solar heater (like the ones for water heaters for homes) could be enough; but if you want a higher temperature, a solar concentrator must be used.

    Heating a mealworm farm without Electricity
  • Interesting solution, some concern about vertical reinforcement being necessary for seismic and hurricane application getting lost -- shown in some drawings not others. All in all, a lot of good technical information and by highlighting the building material in the context of the application -- post...

    Good Earth Nepal Earthbag Construction
  • No standards in design, requires engineering design. No windows, limited protection, unclear durability. Again, not a solution, more like an example of the use of pallets for construction in limited 1st world applications.

    I-Beam Pallet House
  • I'm not sure this is appropriate as a "solution". It is certainly a concept and an innovative use of the pallet material. There have been no updates to the pallet house humanitarian design webpage since 2010.

    I-Beam Pallet House

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