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Satish Babu

ICANN’s data security report: Tiered model to comply with new GDPR, questions remain on KSK

May 14, 2018

Engineering for Change’s Contributing Editor Satish Babu reports on the implications of the ICANN61 meeting and community forum in...

Rob Goodier

On the savanna, mobile phones haven’t transformed Maasai lives – yet

May 10, 2018

Mobile phones are everywhere. In fact, they may be nearly as common on the African savanna as they are...

Rob Goodier

A New Microwave Pyrolysis System Targets China’s Mountains of Toxic Sludge

May 1, 2018

China has been burying itself under a mountain of toxic sludge, but one startup may have a technological solution....

Rob Goodier

Origins of a Startup: The Mechanical Engineer Aline Saraiva Okello Co-Founded HarvestRainWater in Mozambique

April 27, 2018

The following is an excerpt from the book Founding Women: African Women Who Are Defying the Odds to Build...

Rob Goodier

Satellites and Cell Phones: A Guide to Remote Monitoring of Water and Sanitation Technology in Global Development

April 24, 2018

From satellites peeping at water sources to “smart” latrines, new tools have emerged to help fix the problems with...

Andrew Drain

The Necessary Trade-Offs When Co-Designing New Technology

April 20, 2018

The co-design of new technology with communities has benefits and trade-offs. Our colleagues and we at Engineers Without Borders...

Guest Author

Biomining the Elements of the Future

April 17, 2018

Biomining is the kind of technique promised by science fiction: a vast tank filled with microorganisms that leach metal...

Tom Decker

Transfer Sanitation Technology from Developed Markets to Meet the SDGs

April 13, 2018

If the world is going to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal of universal access to basic sanitation...

Carola Schwank

Low-Tech Solutions Fight Hunger

April 9, 2018

Editor’s note: Engineering for Change and the empowering people. Network have been collaborating since 2014. Our partnership is anchored...

Riley Mulhern

A Lesson from Warisata

March 29, 2018

The values of a Bolivian school for the indigenous in the 1930s reflect the potential of global development engineering...


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