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Kingsley Ukoba

Are 3D Printers the Missing Link to a Clean Energy Future?

October 20, 2022

What if you could print a low-cost renewable power generator from the comfort of your home? 3D printing promises...

DEMAND: ASME Global Development Review

Healthcare for the Long Haul

October 19, 2022

Editor’s note: Demand: ASME Global Development Review shuttered after six years of publishing in-depth coverage of the most interesting...

Kithinji Muriungi

Engineers Design an Upgrade for Kenya’s Informal Retailers

This article is adapted from a presentation the author gave to IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference at Santa Clara...

Claudia Alemañy Castilla

Calcium May Make a Better Battery than Lithium

October 14, 2022

In about 20 years, more than half of all light-duty vehicles sold worldwide are expected to be electric. The...

The Conversation

Climate Change Threatens Food but Microscopic Algae Offer Answers

October 7, 2022

In 2021 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued the first volume of its latest authoritative report on climate...

The Conversation

Indigenous Food Sovereignty Requires Better Data Collection

Indigenous communities are increasingly investing in agriculture to sustain their cultures and economies. Indigenous Peoples have a long history...

Claudia Alemañy Castilla

ICSD Spotlight: Universities Are On a Path to Sustainability, but None Have Arrived, Yet

September 30, 2022

Dr. Wendy Purcell has been working to change the course of higher education. Speaking at the International Conference on...

Lorine Ouma

It’s Time to Boost Extreme Heat Resilience in Low-Income US Housing

One of the numbers that reveals the consequences of poverty in the United States is the energy burden. Low-income...

Claudia Alemañy Castilla

India Bets on IoT for Clean Water

September 23, 2022

Waterborne  illness recently struck the Bajantri family in the Gobbur Wadi village in the Kamalapur taluk, Kalaburag district of...

Rob Goodier

Research Brief: Repurposing Old Electric Vehicle Batteries in Homes Saves 1 ton of CO2 Per Year

September 16, 2022

Converting tired old electric vehicle batteries into energy storage for homes with solar panels could reduce household carbon dioxide...


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