May 3, 2014

DEMAND, ASME’s Global Development Review

It’s been a big month for DEMAND, the new magazine covering engineering and design for global development. The journal that masquerades as a magazine (or vice versa?) has just published its second edition, and the feat coincides with the announcement that it won its first accolade, the Association Media & Publishing’s EXCEL Award for general excellence in journals.

There were 960 entries submitted this year, representing 110 organizations and associations, and DEMAND took gold in its category amidst the competition. The EXCEL award may be the largest program that exclusively honors nonprofit association media, publishing, and communications.

If you haven’t seen it, yet, you’ll find DEMAND, ASME’s Global Development Review shipped quarterly with Mechanical Engineering Magazine, and online as a free interactive app for browsers, Android tablets and iPad.

We’re proud for the recognition of a publication in our field, which is always good news, but we also have a vested interest in DEMAND because it hosts a section of important news by E4C. Have a look and please share your comments with us below.

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