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      ER-MNS-06 is a new MEMS north seeker from Ericco, and because it is the smallest north seeker in the world, it is only as big as Airpods.
      Let’s compare the detailed size parameters: AirPods are 46.4×54.4×21.38mm (data from Apple’s official website), while the north seeker ER-MNS-06 is 38.6×44.8×25.5mm. The comparison results show that in addition to the width of the north seeker is slightly larger than AirPods, the length and height are smaller than AirPods.
      In addition, AirPods weigh 37.91g, and this north seeker weighs 70g, roughly twice as much as AirPods. The reason why the north seeker is so small is that its sensors use MEMS gyroscopes and MEMS accelerometers, and MEMS sensors are widely concerned about their small size and light weight.
      This north seeker has a 3σ north finding accuracy, and its three sub-models have a north finding accuracy of 1° to 0.25°.

      More about the content of the north seeker: https://www.ericcointernational.com/north-finders/smallest-size-triaxial-mems-north-seeker.html

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