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      The appearance of north finder is an important achievement in the development of inertial navigation technology. It is widely used in military and civilian fields by configuring inertial sensors to form a precision inertial measurement system, which can accurately sense the relevant position parameters of the carrier, and provide various information resources such as coordinate position, orientation and attitude of the carrier with other equipment.

      North finder is an inertial instrument, it has the general advantages of inertial instruments, that is, the use of inertia working principle, does not rely on external information when working, does not radiate energy to the outside, will not be subjected to enemy interference in the work, will not be subjected to magnetic field substances and other environmental interference, good environmental resistance, in the high and low temperature environment performance superior, is an autonomous orientation indicating system. It can quickly and accurately determine the north in an all-weather environment.

      In the hardware of north finder, the sensor signal output of gyroscope and accelerometer is filtered, gated and amplified, and the analog signal is converted into digital signal by A/D converter to the control computer of the north seeking system for calculation and processing.

      The software of the north finder can be said to be the soul of the system, without the control of the software, the hardware in the system is virtually useless and can not play its performance. The software part controls the hardware of the whole system, sets the initial value, collects data regularly, human-computer interaction interface, and provides serial interface and network communication interface to realize the exchange of data with the outside world.

      The main content of the north finder software includes two parts: one is the management software, which makes the hardware work according to the predetermined program, such as the initialization of each part, the interrupt management in the running process, the communication management between the system and the external connection; The second is the data processing software, which samples the information of each sensor and processes the sampled data to prevent the output of the north finding result.

      Its main tasks are: 1. System initialization: including the initial position selection of the system, the feedback closing judgment of the gyro, A/D sampling initialization and so on.

      2. System transfer control: the software controls the motor to rotate according to the predetermined position.

      3. Data processing: A/D sampling and data preprocessing; Attitude matrix calculation and error correction; Display and output, etc. These tasks are intertwined in time and rely on interrupt management to coordinate them.

      In the design of north finder, we follow the basic principle of modularity, the program is divided into several modules, each module sets a function, and then these modules together to form a whole can complete the specified function. The advantages of developing modules with independent functions and without too much interaction between modules are mainly shown in: first, the software of modular implementation is relatively easy to develop. Second, independent modules are easy to test and maintain, and can be easily modified, replaced or inserted into new modules when needed.

      Ericco company in the north finder manufacturing has mastered the skilled technology, in the navigation system internal software and hardware, Ericco selection are cost-effective, high-performance inertial components, currently has a new type of north finder different from the traditional north seeker, is our ER-MNS-09, if you are interested in this, welcome to communicate with our professional staff.

      The internal structure of the north finder

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