November 1, 2014

Tweet roundup | The interesting edition

We present our twice-monthly snapshot of interesting tweets in the technology for global development space. For up-to-the-minute updates from E4C on Twitter, please follow us at @Engineer4Change.

The interview draws the curtain on some of the behind-the-scenes work of a consulting technician with one of the big financial backers of global development projects.

One of the thought-provoking ideas in the new edition of the International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering.

A hydro-electric generator that looks like a black lifesaver and floats in a river.

We liked this insight and the implied respect it gives to people who work hard for little compensation.

Two thumbs up: One thumb for local enterprise, and the other for this use of a photo gallery in a tweet.

Such a funny perspective on aid from the recipients’ point of view.

Daniele Lantagne led our latest webinar, this one on WASH technologies in emergency response. This was one of her many sharp insights.

And this was another.

Ycombinator / Hacker News users aggregate news on technology and just about anything that’s worthwhile but below the mainstream news radar. This 3D metal printer made the cut, and for good reason.

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