September 22, 2012

Video: Open source software opportunities for social innovation worldwide

Three experts in open source software for education, sustainable development and human rights lead this E4C webinar, recorded on our YouTube channel.

Jim Fruchterman, CEO of Benetech, opens the presentation with an overview of SocialCoding4Good, an online platform that matches volunteer programmers with open-source social good projects. Fruchterman is a technology entrepreneur and engineer who started his career as a rocket scientist, then founded two of the top optical character recognition companies, Calera Recognition Systems and RAF Technology, Inc. He then founded Benetech as a non-profit that builds software solutions for human rights workers worldwide and compiles evidence for court cases against alleged human rights abusers.

Hui-mei Justina Hsu teaches digital technology at Fo Guang University in Taiwan and informs us in this webinar about her institution’s investment in open source software and the way it is used as a bargaining chip to negotiate lower licensing fees for commercial software.

Alex Gainer is a Google app developer in Mountain View and explains his work making software for healthcare with the organization Health Records for Everyone.

The three presenters will also speak at IEEE’s Global Humanitarian Technology Conference in Seattle, Washington in October. Hear them now in advance of that event on this recorded E4C webinar.

For more recorded webinars in this series, please see the playlist on our YouTube channel. And to register to attend the next free presentation, please visit

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