Redwood Materials Seeks Power Electronics Engineer

Redwood Materials was founded in 2017 to create a circular supply chain for electric vehicles and clean energy products, making them more sustainable and driving down the cost for batteries. We’re doing this by developing and deploying new technologies to increase the scope and scale of recycled and sustainable materials in the global battery supply chain.

Staff Power Electronics Engineer

You will work on a team of power, control, and test engineers to develop entirely new products and systems.  You will be responsible for designing power converters (or systems of power converters), ranging from many to tens of kilowatts to many tens of megawatts. You will be expected to own project-level deliverables such as qualified hardware, reports, and compliance certificates.  This will include designing power converters up from the component level and working with off-the-shelf products for industrial environments.  You will be working in a startup culture.

If necessary, the job level will be adjusted based on the applicant’s experience and responsibilities.

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