Design and Strategy of Field Management and Digital Advisory App for Farmers

The objective will be to help improve Oorja's recently developed pilot app with a design and user-centred focus.

Project Overview

Project Description

In 2024, Oorja is planning to roll out an internal management app to help the internal team operationally digitalize how services are being managed (with the functionality of an entire point-of-sale data tool). Along with this, Oorja also plans to roll out a farmer-facing app to package other services such as digital farmer advisory, forecasting, etc. Based on the user’s study and design suggestions, the two apps may be combined into a single app or two separate apps.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Product design around the various features, mostly focusing on designing out how Oorja can offer the farmer advisory digitally.
  • Strategy around rolling out the app, upskilling the customers, and ensuring adoption (given the context of a low-tech, low-digital literacy environment).
  • Support for engineering and integration into the data stack/dashboards to allow building out visibility into the operations from the functionality provided by the app.


Oorja works with low-income smallholder farmers in India and provides them with core solar-powered services. It also supports them with complimentary Climate Smart Farmer Advisory services, using Oorja’s in-house agriculture experts to advise customers with things like cropping choices, sustainable farming practices, and seed selection. Oorja’s services are designed to transform the lives of low-income communities, notably small and marginal farmers, low-income households, and women farmers, by significantly increasing income when linked to productive activities at their farms.

Eligibility Criteria

Skills / Experience:

  • Required:
    • UI/UX
    • Human Centred Design
    • Interviewing / User Research
  • Desired:
    • Product (app/software) design and development

Software needs:

  • App development software
  • User interface design tools/software


  • Software Engineering or Computer Science

Preferred fellow location (all projects can be completed remotely):

  • Any

Time zone compatibility (when the Fellow should be available for meetings):

  • IST (UTC+5:30)

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