Design of a Transportable Process for Reduction of Global Methane Emissions

This project will develop elements of a detailed design model of a containerized plant for conversion of stranded wellgas to low-carbon fuels.

Project Overview

Project Description

This project will develop elements of a detailed design model of a containerized plant for conversion of stranded well gas to low-carbon fuels. This work will build upon an existing framework for transitioning a trailer-based gas-to-liquid chemical plant into an ISO shipping container-based system for rapid global deployment. Specifically, the Fellow will support with optimizing the design to reduce capital costs, improving manufacturability, and ensuring rapid field implementation.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Working with the M2X team to develop parametric solid modeling and packaging of a containerized system (ISO shipping containers)
  • Optimizing equipment, frame, and piping to balance size, weight, cost, and manufacturability. Consider transportability, ease of maintenance and serviceability, modularity and scale-up of production and assembly
  • Creation of 3D models, piping and ISO drawings, frame and support structure models for analysis, realistic and illustrative renderings for product documents


This project will provide valuable engineering, design, and business support to M2X Energy’s ongoing development of a transportable gas-to-liquid process directed at reducing global GHG emissions by converting wellgas into methanol. Project outputs would assist M2X with scale-up, manufacturing, and global deployment of a GHG mitigation technology, rapidly locating this process to countries and geographic regions that are most impacted by climate change, poor air quality, and low economic development.

Eligibility Criteria

Skills / Experience:

  • Required:
    • CAD Modeling
    • CAD Rendering
    • Structural Design and Analysis
    • Energy Systems design + Analysis
  • Desired:
    • Understanding of chemical process design, fabrication, and analysis, and manufacturing/design for manufacturing.
    • Experience with integration of mechanical, structural, piping, and electrical systems.
    • Ability to generate 2D and 3D drawings for fabrication.

Software needs:

  • Required: Inventor [Expert Level], Navisworks [Intermediate Level]
  • Desired: Vault [Intermediate Level], Advance Steel [Basic Level]


  • Mechanical Engineering

Preferred fellow local experience (all projects can be completed remotely):

  • N/A

Preferred timezone (when the Fellow should be available for meetings):

  • EDT (UTC-4)

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