Venture Building - Helping to Develop, Systematize, and Document Tools and Processes

A Workflow Advancement project to support Factor[e] Venture Studio in the materials development to support venture studio and founders. Sponsored by The Autodesk Foundation.

Venture Building – Helping to Develop, Systematize, and Document Tools and Processes

Delta40 Venture Studio aims to increase incomes and tackle climate change in Africa by building and investing in technology-enabled energy, agriculture, and mobility ventures. In the studio, they focus on building ventures with diverse and experienced founders with speed and scale. Delta40 has a portfolio of innovative ventures in Africa that transform founders’ and customers’ lives, amplify the entrepreneurial ecosystem across the continent, deliver returns to investors, and tackle climate change.

The primary objectives of the project were to support Delta40 Venture Studio in aggregating existing tools or systems for venture building, organize, structure, improve the tools and templates, and develop new processes in collaboration with the venture studio team.

Desk research was conducted into Delta40’s workflow, current tools, and processes. To identify opportunities for improvement, standard tools, and processes used by similar organizations globally were investigated. Data was gathered and supported the development of a database of venture studios, with a particular focus on the African continent.

The Fellow has also contributed to creating a slide deck for the HR onboarding process, a deck on the venture studio insights, and co-founder programming insights. A comprehensive report, including slide decks, documents, and database spreadsheets, has been produced for the Delta40 team to implement the findings in their programs.

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