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weatherHYDE is a temporary shelter designed to provide weather protection for the homeless in hot and cold temperatures.

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Product Description

weatherHYDE designed by billionBricks is a lightweight temporary shelter that can be setup quickly and without tools. The shelter, designed to house a family of 5, can adapt to winter and summer temperatures. Both winter and summer configurations are water and wind resistant. Added weight in the weatherHYDE’s frame allows the tent to be setup without anchors, making it suitable for urban contexts.

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Distributors / Implementing Organizations

billionBricks currently has over 10 partner organizations, such as the AutoDesk Foundation, Habitat for Humanity (India), and UPS, and Mercy Relief. billionBricks works with these partner organizations and local communities to create their distribution network. Several registered weatherHYDE shelters on their website are set to be distributed by the Manthan Foundation.

Manufacturing/Building Method

Made to order.

Intellectural Property Type

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User Provision Model

Product can be purchased from billionBricks either for personal recreational use or for donation. If donated, billionBricks gives the tent to a homeless family. Each donated tent has a unique ID number so that people who donate tents can know who received them.

Distributions to Date Status

According to billionBricks, weatherHYDE has sheltered 4,345 in 8 countries over four years. Currently, 30 families are listed as recipients of the product on the weatherHYDE impact page with 10 families listed as future recipients.

Intended number of occupants (#)

Speed of assembly

Footprint area (m²)

Internal volume (m³)

4.4 m3

Lifespan (years)

Over 2 years

Flammable Flash Point Temperature (°C)


Maximum snow load (kg/m²)

weatherHYDE has been tested in snow conditions and performed well, but has not undergone laboratory testing for snow load. Interview with designer

Maximum wind speed (km/h)

The product has been tested in wind conditions up to 64 kph (40 mph), but has not undergone laboratory testing for wind load. Interview with designer

Suitable climates

All climates

Design Specifications

Features of the weatherHYDE include the following: - All-season, triple-wall construction - Reversible skin - Outer dark skin for heat absorption - Inner mylar skin to reflect heat - Removable doors on 2 ends - Symmetrical free-standing design - Durable UV-coated nylon - Waterproof (No rain fly needed) - Bathtub style, thermally reflective base mat - Soft insulated thermal barrier - Velcro locks (zipper-free) - Dual safety ventilators - Multiple hook-and-loop guy-out point attachments for ground anchoring - Reflective strips for night visibility and safety - Tough and lightweight hollow pipe frame (purchased separately) - Pipe frame can be filled for extra stability Technical Specifications: - Sleeping capacity: 5 persons (2 adults, 3 children) - Packed weight: 9 kgs (19.8 lbs) without the frame - Packed size: 70 X 42 X 42 cm (27.5 X 16.5 X 16.5 in) without the frame - Shipping size: 70 X 42 X 30 cm (27.5 X 16.5 X 11.8 in) without the frame - Floor dimensions: 180 X 150 cm (70.86 X 59 in) - Floor area: 2.7 sq m (29 sq ft) - Peak height: 150 cm (4.9 ft) - Side wall height: 75 cm (2.46 ft) - Number of 2-piece door: 1 - Number of single piece door: 1 - Number of frame poles: 15 (purchased separately) - Pole outer diameter: 2.6 cm (1 in) - Skin material 1: 190T (Aurora Green) / 210T (Limitless Blue) Nylon - Insulation material: Polyester wool - Skin material 2: Fiber-reinforced mylar - Floor material: Water-resistant fiber -reinforced mylar - Thermal barrier material: 190T (Aurora Green) / 210T (Limitless Blue) Nylon, polyester wool Can be constructed by one individual in 15 minutes.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

The manufacturer is planning to offer a one year warranty for replacement of any parts of the tent that may break. The outer skin can easily be patched with duck tape for small tears. Because the frame is made out of plumbing pipe, the components would be easy to replace locally. Interview with designer

Replacement Components

Unknown. All of the parts are specifically designed for the tent and come with the shelter kit during the initial purchase.


The manufacturer is planning to offer a one year warranty on the product, though they estimate it could last up to three years. The first weatherHYDE tents, first tested in New Delhi, have now been used for 18 months. Interview with designer

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Manufacturer specified performance targets include comfortable indoor temperature of up to 0o C, waterproof outer skin up to 300mm/hour, fits a family of 5 with up to 2 adults and 3 children, high privacy, easy installation and maintenance, low cost repairs, light weight and compact for fast implementation, wind stability by pouring water or adding sand into the frame, appeal and night visibility, no ground anchoring and therefore suitable for urban settings.

Vetted Performance Status

The product has not been independently tested. No tests are published.


There are no specifications provided related to the level of combustibility of materials, so users should take caution when using fire close to the product. In order to use the product properly in hot and cold temperatures, users should flip the tent skin to the appropriate side to properly reflect/insulate heat when needed.

Complementary Technical Systems

Sleeping mats may provide a more comfortable ground for the inhabitants.

Academic Research and References

Alhaddad, Madina R., Alaa K. Alshammari, and Duaa J. Dashti. “4 Seasons Tent.” Capstone, Kuwait University, 2020.

Compliance with regulations

There are no standards for tents for the urban homeless where weatherHYDE is used. WeatherHYDE does not fit under the requirements for tents used in refugee camps such as those set out by ICRC-IFRC and UNHCR. Interview with designer

Other Information

Mercy Relief partnered with billionBricks in a fundraiser to provide 100 weatherHYDE shelters for Rohingya refugees in response to the refugee crisis in Bangladesh in 2017. In 2018, weatherHYDE won Design of the Year 2018, President*s Design Award in Singapore. weatherHYDE has also won a number of other awards for social design and global impact, which are listed on their website.

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