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Jackie Halliday

Post-Construction Support For Rural Water Systems

March 23, 2018

There is much debate in the WASH sector over post-construction support options for rural water systems. The goal is...

Jackie Halliday

How Cities Are Managing Their Transportation Growing Pains

January 17, 2018

“Urban transport problems are perverse. While education or healthcare improves as societies grow wealthier, transport problems worsen,” – The Urban...

Jackie Halliday

Solutions to Reverse Global Warming

December 7, 2017

Global warming affects everyone, but people in developing countries are especially vulnerable to climate change. Rising sea levels and increasingly powerful...

Jackie Halliday

Innovation in Microgrids

October 12, 2017

  Poor energy access is “an endemic and crippling problem” according to the Center for Global Development. That may...

Jackie Halliday

The Next Generation of Standards

September 22, 2017

  “There are standards for almost everything we can think of, and new ones can be written if there...

Jackie Halliday

Mobile Data Collection: A New Frontier of Tech4Dev Research

November 30, 2015

About this webinar:  The wide-spread availability of phone-based communications, and the increasing availability of smartphones and tablets offers international...

Mike Mader

Bridging the Digital Divide in the Developed World

June 24, 2015

Even now, not everyone has reliable, high quality access to the Internet in the United States. Certain subgroups struggle...

Mike Mader

Manual Drilling- A Global Perspective of Local Realities

May 20, 2015

Manual drilling is here to stay, and it is growing. There has been a tremendous upsurge in the use...

Mike Mader

How to Manage Global Supply Chains in Developing Countries

March 25, 2015

Do you have an idea for a product that can make a difference, but have no idea what the...

Rob Goodier

Future-proofing Water Systems in Developing Countries

February 26, 2015

Many well-intentioned people are working to make water flow in the homes of more than half of the world’s...


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