Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Emergencies

Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services save lives and are essential in an emergency such as a natural disaster, disease outbreak and violence.

In this E4C Webinar, Daniele Lantagne, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Tufts University discusses common emergency response measures to treat drinking water. The talk touches on successes, failures, lessons learned and the need to develop new innovations to reduce the disease burden in emergencies.

Sean Furey, Water and Sanitation Specialist at the Skat Foundation, moderates.

View this recorded webinar to learn about:

  • Common emergency response interventions to treat drinking water
  • Water quality tests and treatment techniques
  • Failures, best practices and development of new WASH methods and technologies

See the webinar in high-quality video and audio on our interactive On24 platform: WASH in Emergencies | Lessons Learnded and the Way Forward

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