Video: Releasing trapped knowledge in the WASH sector

Solutions abound for treating water to prevent waterborne illness and save children’s lives. But information about them is harder to come by, and even more so in the developing communities where the solutions are most needed. Choosing the right technology for each community takes some know-how. In this recording of an E4C Webinar, experts from the Pacific Institute will share the tools they use to help developing communities make good decisions in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services and technology.

Meena Palaniappan and Dr. John Akudago explain how communities can make informed choices about the technologies that will serve them best. They highlight the Community Choices system, a tool that provides information on appropriate technologies for WASH sector problems. Community Choices will help WASH practitioners engage communities in selecting, adopting, and maintaining the most suitable technologies, financing mechanisms, and management approaches. The system marries community preferences with cost, maintenance, and technical information on the entire range of WASH technologies and approaches in use locally and in other similar environments.

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