Sustainable solutions in emerging markets: Technology, innovation and livelihoods

Developing affordable solutions for emerging markets has become an important skill for professionals in many disciplines. Engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and policy-makers alike face a changing global landscape in which the gross domestic product (GDP) of the developing world will surpass that of the developed world, maybe as early as 2016. 76 percent of the world’s 6 billion mobile phones are in emerging markets, and reverse innovation is increasingly common in developing solutions for the western world.

Global trends demand sustainable solutions. In this E4C Webinar, Radha Basu, Director of the Frugal Innovation Lab at Santa Clara University, discusses how technology solutions fuse with self-sustaining models for large and positive impact. Whether it is in mobile money, agriculture, livelihood development, medical devices, clean water, or sustainable energy, viewers will discover that a well-informed design process coupled with mindful core competencies can create sustainable solutions in emerging markets. This is innovative solutions technology.

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