Sustainable Electrification Solutions for Developing Countries

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The International Energy Agency estimates that by 2030 still over 1.2 billion people worldwide will not have access to electricity. The vast majority lives in rural areas in developing countries, where the extension of the national grid is often not feasible. Consequently there is often no plan in place to give the rural population access to electricity, which is fundamental to an acceptable quality of life. e.quinox, a student led charitable organization at Imperial College London, has spent the last years developing and testing sustainable electrification solutions for these areas. e.quinox’s model is based around central energy generation in an Energy Kiosk and decentralized distribution through Battery Boxes. Currently e.quinox is operating three Energy Kiosks in rural Rwanda, providing 400 households with access to electricity.


Christopher Hopper is a co-founder and the outgoing chairman of e.quinox, as well as a partner at BBOXX Ltd. Over the last years he has spent developing a solution for rural electrification in developing countries. He is very passionate about technology and how it can be used to benefit people all over the globe. For his achievements in the field of rural electrification he has received several awards, including the IEEE Student Humanitarian Supreme Award in the IEEE President’s Change The World Competition 2010. Christopher is currently studying electrical and electronic engineering in his final year.


e.quinox is an entirely student-led charitable organization based at Imperial College London that develops sustainable electrification solutions for rural areas in developing countries. Within only two years e.quinox raised over 150,000USD and implemented three energy kiosks in rural Rwanda, electrifying over 400 households. e.quinox won several prestigious awards, such as the IEEE Student Humanitarian Supreme 2010 and the JP Morgan Good Venture Competition and was featured on BBC World as a finalist of the World Challenge 2010.

BBOXX, a UK based spin-off from e.quinox, commercially produces electrification solution for developing countries. Its flagship product, the BB5 battery box, is an affordable portable AC power solution that can be charged either on the grid or through solar panels.

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