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Seven tips to help your invention succeed
Featured Article
Many of you learned about the distribution challenge from my colleague and Essmart's co-founder, Jackie Stenson. If you haven't watched her E4C webinar, please do so. It is a fantastic introduction to the problem of distributing the life-improving technologies that many of you are inventing at this moment. She highlights the truth that our social enterprise, Essmart, was founded on: Even though you may have created an amazing technology that is a real labor of love and technical wizardry, distributing it to the people you made it for will be your biggest challenge.
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Video: Darkness Was Gone

This is the story of how solar lamps changed the lives of refugees from 3700 households in the Kiziba camp in Rwanda. Read more...

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What's funny about technology for global development?

The new comics series Frame Changers shines a light on the culture clash that erupts when technologists and entrepreneurs work in foreign developing countries. Read more...

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Electricity for poor areas

Heat from Sunlight using Magnification to focus on boiler to form steam which run a steam engine through which motor rotates and a circle start to forming energy

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