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Seven tips to help your invention succeed
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Many of you learned about the distribution challenge from my colleague and Essmart's co-founder, Jackie Stenson. If you haven't watched her E4C webinar, please do so. It is a fantastic introduction to the problem of distributing the life-improving technologies that many of you are inventing at this moment. She highlights the truth that our social enterprise, Essmart, was founded on: Even though you may have created an amazing technology that is a real labor of love and technical wizardry, distributing it to the people you made it for will be your biggest challenge.
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The Big Design Questions | Should we make products that are localized or standardized?

Should we design appropriate technologies to suit lifestyles in each particular region or should we standardize them for worldwide distribution? Read more...

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A home-grown bike business rolls out emergency health care in Uganda

Unpaved roads and a lack of vehicles don't stop bike ambulances and a new pilot program for mobile clinics in East Africa. Read more...

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producing and accessing renewable energy

Reproducing or regaining energy accompany using available energy. Using two sources of energy if one is using then another is in charging and vice -versa. Thus a less amount of energy will be used and in backup a new energy source is being ready for after accessing.

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Need help with Business plan for Hybrid Wind/Solar plant in Senegal

Hello, we are a team of senior engineers at SPSU and we just designed a hybrid wind/solar station for Senegal (West Africa). A major government entity requested a business plan for our design so we need someone (or a group) skilled in business plan writing to team up with us to get it done. This large scale wind/solar farm (500MW) will address _lack of energy in the region _reduction of costly oil imports _staggering unemployment in the target nation. The farm will use state of the art equipment in wind turbines, solar panels, power convertors and power storage. The project will generate huge export opportunities for U.S. firms, develop stronger ties between the U.S. and West African nations and hopefully develop a renewable energy trend in Sub-Sahara Africa. Obviously as a green effort, this project will significantly reduce carbon footprint from energy generation. Emerging nations have the opportunity to develop the right way in terms of power generation and other industries, and this initiative will be a great example of a poor nation taking advantage of leading edge technologies at their cusp. The reason we are creating this workspace is because a business plan has been requested from a prospective investor and our capacity as engineers doesn't include business acumen to write a winning business plan. In this frame of mind we are approaching other engineers to seek an opportunity of participation in the creation of a powerful business plan to obtain financing. We have completed the engineering design of the project and construction costs are being computed at the moment. So key data has been gathered already. Upon successful funding, we would compensate business plan writer(s). Thank you

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