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Seven tips to help your invention succeed
Featured Article
Many of you learned about the distribution challenge from my colleague and Essmart's co-founder, Jackie Stenson. If you haven't watched her E4C webinar, please do so. It is a fantastic introduction to the problem of distributing the life-improving technologies that many of you are inventing at this moment. She highlights the truth that our social enterprise, Essmart, was founded on: Even though you may have created an amazing technology that is a real labor of love and technical wizardry, distributing it to the people you made it for will be your biggest challenge.
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Beyond the Band-Aid: Building Sustainability into Emergency Response Efforts

Long-term evaluations of the response to Hurricane Mitch in Central America reveal changes that aid organizations can make to ensure that their work lasts long after the emergency has ended. Read more...

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Five questions with Louisa Brown

Louisa Brown takes leave from her career as a structural engineer with Arup to provide technical assistance to organizations in developing countries. Read more...

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Available: Engineering Recruiting Company

Our Staff of Engineers provide Engineering recruitment for Industries in Water, Energy, Health, Structure, Agriculture, Sanitation and IT We are travel to schools with engineering programs around the nations finding the best talent and aligning their talent with their industry of choice. The challenge in today's market is that some engineers aren't aware of some of the opportunities available outside of the traditional engineering opportunities. (i.e., an Electrical engineer traditionally gravitates to an electricity company but would not have considered Broadcast or Maintenance Engineering in Media as a career option though he/she loves Media/Entertainment. We provide information session/ mixers through out the nation to attract talent to a wide variety of engineering opportunities. Let us assist your company with finding talent for your organization. All of our recruiters are degreed engineering providing sourcing our clients.

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Looking sources for Archimedes Screw

My final project is about Archimedes Screw. I need some books, resources, papers and etc. if you have them pleas call me ( With Respect

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