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Rob Goodier

A Partnership Yields New Insights into Food Systems in Underserved Communities

July 7, 2020

A university, a foundation and a global non-profit organization have partnered to research the mango value chain Kenya. Mangos...

Thomas Bradley

How to Keep Children Learning STEM Skills at Home and for Years to Come

July 1, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic continues to dictate what we can and can’t do, and despite schools starting to slowly re-open,...

Andrew Armstrong

Eight Lessons Learned Designing a COVID-19 Response Ventilator

June 25, 2020

Mechanical ventilators in medicine date back to the early 1800s, but even after decades of design evolution, there is...

Jana Melpolder

E4C Visualized: The Siemens Design Challenge in Numbers

June 8, 2020

This is the Innovate for Impact: Siemens Design Challenge in numbers. The challenge has had a staggering reach worldwide,...

Rob Goodier

The Potential Impact of Better Desalination and Food Loss Reduction in Kenya

April 30, 2020

Join the Siemens Design Challenge for a chance to win one of two $10,000 first-place awards. Because effective design...

Igor Komarnitskiy

Crop Rotation in the 21st Century

April 21, 2020

The age-old practice of crop rotation on farmlands is undergoing an upgrade into the digital age. The first attempts...

Rob Goodier

Enter Our Photo Contest in Celebration of World Engineering Day

February 5, 2020

Engineering for Change is pleased to host an exciting photo contest for its online community to celebrate World Engineering...

Rob Goodier

New from Ashok Gadgil: An Electricity-Free Phase-Changing Infant Warmer

January 17, 2020

Dr. Ashok Gadgil must be tireless in his work to create products that change lives in emerging economies. His...

Rob Goodier

Nominations Are Open for Mortenson’s Awards for the New Global Engineers

January 15, 2020

The CU Boulder Mortenson Center for Global Engineering is pioneering a new vision for engineering for global development, and...

James Rajanayagam

How Social Entrepreneurs Can Boost Creativity

December 20, 2019

Why it is hard to be creative? Creativity is one topic in self-development courses that evokes immediate responses from...


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