July 22, 2022

E4C Community Spotlight: Meet Our 50,000th Member

The global Engineering for Change community has crossed a new milestone with 50,000 registered members. To commemorate the occasion, we are pleased to introduce fifty-thousandth person to sign up as a member of our community, Dr. Shashi Kant Dargar.

Dr. Dargar is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education, in Krishnankoil, Virudhunagar (Dt.) Tamilnadu, India.

We asked Dr. Dargar about his work and experience in engineering global development.

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E4C: Would you mind sharing briefly about your professional background, please?

SKD: I am currently working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education, Krishnankoil, Virudhunagar (Dt.) Tamilnadu-626126, India. Previously I worked as a post-doctoral fellow (for ~3 years) since June 2018 in the Department of Electronic Engineering at Howard College Campus- Durban, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

E4C: What is your experience with engineering and design for global development?

SKD: I have contributed through publication of my research in the field of electrical characterization through computation and simulation for enhancing knowledge in the field of display devices. I have also mentored young researchers for professional growth and their career adoptions. Along with my undergraduate students, I have been involved in community service and developing solutions such as a smart dustbin project for sustainable and healthy living, an economic smart cart for populated countries, and my published patent out of my work with young researchers.

E4C: How did you learn about Engineering for Change?

SKD: I learnt [about E4C] from my professional colleague, Dr. Ukoba, and the LinkedIn page.

E4C: What prompted you to sign up for membership to Engineering for Change?

SKD: The vision of this organization and the service motivates me to be a part of E4C.

E4C: Is there something in particular that you hope to gain from your involvement with Engineering for Change?

SKD: I expect to gain ideas for innovation and colloboration to work towards sustainable development and growth from my association with the E4C.

E4C: What are you reading this week?

SKD: I am learning about sustainable and renewable energy for earth.

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