May 25, 2011

E4C’s YouTube project: Essential playlists for appropriate design

Take a look at our playlists, in the right-hand margin of ourYouTube channel. There you’ll find tutorials and inspiration for your designs.

Our mission to curate YouTube continues with a round-up of videos to inform and inspire your projects. In the right-hand margin of our YouTube channel, you’ll find a repository of playlists of videos demonstrating appropriate and sustainable technology. These are collections of both DIY tutorials and show-and-tell designs. And each is organized by topic. Topics include Construction Techniques,World Stove Hall of Fame, Water Pumps and others.

Here, we present four new playlists, taking the total to the lucky number 13. As always, many of these videos were first discovered by our friends atApprovideo, and others are our own finds.

And now we present the four newest additions to our playlists of appropriate technology.

Water Filtration & Desalination
We have ceramic filters, biosand, solar desalinators and more. See how ceramic filters are made in Africa and learn to make your own, take a look inside a biosand filter, and there’s a DIY rain harvester for good measure.

This is a fine assortment of composting toilet designs and how-to’s. It also includes a complete, three-video set of latrine-making instructions in Spanish.

Drip Irrigation
See drip-irrigation systems at work in Benin, Senegal and Sierra Leone. And you can learn about trickle watering and rainbird drip irrigation techniques.

Heating Systems
Here you’ll see 12 ways to heat a room with the exhaust from “rocket stoves.” Plus, build your own solar heaters for heating rooms and water.

After you’ve browsed the new additions, please take a look at our other playlists. We rounded them up ina blog post here. And the list is below.

Cooking innovations – biogas, briquettes & more

World Stove Hall of Fame

Construction Techniques

Solar power

Hydro power

Wind power

Biofuel roundup

Geothermal power

Water pumps

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