September 26, 2014

Hardware Challenges – Tweet Roundup

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It’s not new to the Internet, but it was new to us and this might be useful to the right person.

We tweet notes from our monthly webinars, and this month’s presentation was on the results of a survey on the challenges that confront Internet and communications hardware in developing countries. Electricity problems was the breakout complaint, far more commonly mentioned than any other issue.

Buying ICT equipment locally can solve the problem of maintenance and the availability of spare parts.

Why tech support shouldn’t be necessary (in an ideal situation).

Not issues that you usually think about until they happen to you.

Jordan Schermerhorn, a contributing editor at E4C, saw one of her projects featured in a medical device roundup at FastCoExist.

This low-cost lab equipment seems to be finding a foothold in education.

We were there!

sounds interesting.

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