March 2, 2014

Tweet roundup: Simple solutions for traffic death, mushroom bricks and color-changing syringes edition

We present our twice-monthly snapshot of interesting tweets in the technology for global development space. For up-to-the-minute updates from E4C on Twitter, please follow us at @Engineer4Change.

Rooftop solar panels and community-sized power generators, and not central generators, might serve more people who lack power in Africa, this reporter argues.

Clinicians in the field can bring their optometry office with them, or part of it, anyway, and conduct eye exams with little more than a phone.

Attendees of our webinar, “Emerging trends in the world of social entrepreneurship,” tweeted highlights. This is one from Gradian Health, a global anesthesia service supporter.

Iana Aranda, at E4C, is a consistent tweeter and she delivered her views of the webinar.

Jordan Schermerhorn is a member of our new network of contributing editors and, as she says here, a fan of this safer syringe design.

Fungus as a building material…

Tweeters using the hashtag #unclogit posted their thoughts on the Unclogging the Blockages in Sanitation workshop in Kampala, Uganda.

Ned Breslin at Water for People has also joined our network of contributors. And he’s a fan of Twitter.

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