June 13, 2013

How mHealth Curbs HIV & Malaria – Engineering for Change

Mobile technology and programs that rely on mobile communications are helping the world medical community meet Millenium Development Goal 6, to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

Statistics about HIV/AIDS can be confusing because it is one of the few diseases in which a rise in the number of people who have it could be a good thing, at least in part. More people than ever before have HIV/AIDS and that is because new people continue to become infected, but also because those who have it can manage it, live with it and survive longer than ever before. Malaria statistics are more straightforward on an intuitive level: infections have dropped by 17 percent since 2000. This infographic by GSMA shows worldwide progress in meeting the MGD, and how mobile technology plays a role. For more information please see GSMA’s mHealth page.

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