VIDEO March 29, 2024

Mechanical Engineers On Working in Climate Tech Startups

Four mechanical engineers discuss their work, what inspires them and what they do every day in climate tech startups around the world.

Wondering what a day in the life of a mechanical engineer looks like at a climate tech startup? Four mechanical engineers discussed their work, what inspires them and what they do every a virtual panel as part of Climate Career Week. The panel was organized by Climate Draft, the American Society for Mechanical Engineers, and our team at Engineering for Change.

The glimpse into their careers is just as interesting as the four startups where the panelists work.

Watch to learn more about the work that mechanical engineers do in climate tech. Discussions center on how the engineers apply their skills, how and why they chose climate tech startups, compensation, and what they have had to learn to complement their technical skillsets in jobs that span multiple disciplines.

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