March 16, 2013

Tweet roundup: Bold assertions edition

Hardware is dead and Africa is leading the world in aspects of the Web revolution. Practicing four daily habits could transform you into a game-changing social innovator. And robotics kits can cost less than $10. Twitter has been bold in its statements about engineering for global development these past two weeks.

These are the highlights, as tweeted in 140 characters or less.

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This article makes the case for changing our daily habits to ultimately change our lives (and maybe the world). Spoiler alert: The habits are read, reflect, reframe and reach out.

We were intrigued by the boldness of the claim that “hardware is dead,” as Suneet Singh Tuli says to Technology Review. Tuli is the man behind the $40 Aakash 2 tablet. In his view, hardware will soon become a freebie and software and internet services will be where money changes hands.

Retweeting @ONECampaign, we shared this look at what matters to kids in different economic conditions around the world.

Daniele Zurovcik, founder of the medical device developer WiCare, led one of E4C’s most highly attended webinars. We tweeted highlights like this one during the presentation.

Makeshift Magazine posted one of our favorite articles from our own news blog on its site. We are proud.

“A continent that arrived late to the web revolution, Africa is catching up fast and leading the way in some aspects,” says Michelle Atagana at Ventureburn.

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