September 7, 2012

Tweet roundup

Boring photos of Africa, dysfunctional medical equipment, questioning foreign aid, Apple’s cheapest competition and more… This is our latest roundup of tweets from the international community.

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We deviated slightly from our engineering focus to highlight an interesting policy discussion on global poverty. @Solar_Sister tweeted an article in The Economist that informs us that four-fifths of the people who live on $2 per day live in middle-income countries. So, the article says, maybe foreign aid isn’t as important as an effort to make each country’s domestic policies more amenable to solving poverty problems.


Paul Polack, who uses the Twitter handle @OutofPoverty, impresses us as usual with his insight into the future of technology in developing countries.


Peter DiCampo and other photographers shoot images of everyday life in African countries. And they do it with phone cameras and old-timey auto-filter apps like Instagram. The result is one of those rare galleries of photos of regular, beautiful, boring life in Africa, without all of the extremes of violence and poverty that we usually see in the media.


@Iana_Aranda tweeted notes from E4C’s latest webinar as it took place Aug. 30th. See the recorded webinar here: Building technical capacity in resource-poor hospitals.


@JordanSchermer paid us this compliment for our list of grants, contests and crowd-funding sites to help pay for development projects. Are we tooting our own horn by reposting her tweet? You caught us.

That’s it for this biweekly tweet roundup. If you’re on Twitter, say “hi”” to us at @Engineer4Change.

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