Caminos de Agua in Mexico seeks to fill multiple positions - a Technology Coordinator, Volunteers, Communications Intern and Translators.

Caminos de Agua seeks a Technology Coordinator and multiple other positions. See the link below for descriptions of each. Following is the description of the Technology Coordinator position.

Technology Coordinator

Caminos de Agua is looking for the future leader of its Technology Development Team who will coordinate the large-scale implementation of our decentralized rural water treatment systems.

The Technical Coordinator is an integral member of the Technology Development Team. We are looking for someone who can manage the different processes related to the development and implementation of our technologies, with a strong focus on our community-based arsenic and fluoride removal systems.

Caminos has developed a decentralized technology, called “Groundwater Treatment Systems” (or “GTS”), which is able to remove arsenic, fluoride and other contaminants from water sources at the community scale, ideal for application in local, rural communities. These systems are operated in a sustainable, self-sufficient manner (operation and maintenance conducted by local operators and sustained by financial resources from the community, management and governance of the systems handed-over to committees chosen by the community). After years of development, and with two operational systems in existence, we are now in the initial phase of the larger-scale implementation, and this position will be largely responsible for realizing this scaled implementation of GTS.

This position reports directly to the Director of Technology. The GTS project engineer, as well as the volunteers from the Technology Development Team, will report directly to the Technical Coordinator. Close communication is expected with the entire Technical Team and the Community Implementation and Education Team, including the social-technical community organizer of GTS who directly coordinates the community implementation of the systems. This position requires a person committed to the mission of Caminos de Agua, who shares the organization’s principles, and who possesses strong initiative-taking abilities and can work autonomously.

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