ASME ISHOW Longitudinal Study on Social Return on Investment

An Impact Research project to support ASME ISHOW in the Impact evaluation of ASME ISHOW and recommendations for further participant engagement.

ASME ISHOW Longitudinal Study on Social Return on Investment

The aim of the report is to contribute to a longitudinal study on ISHOW´s accelerator impact by informing the future strategy for data collection for the past ISHOW applicants, finalists (ISHOW regional), and winners (who have participated in ISHOW Bootcamp). This was achieved by identifying best practices for assessing process due diligence (for past applicants) and measuring both qualitative and quantitative data pertaining to return on investment (ROI)/social return on investment (SROI) (for finalists and winners).

The results indicate that the Ventures have a tremendous downstream impact on the communities they serve in terms of service delivery, job creation and improvement in living standards. Additionally, interviewees alluded that the ISHOW Bootcamp sharpened their skills in hardware development, business model implementation, marketing which has led to overall growth of the business.

Ventures acknowledge the ISHOW’s recognition and visibility as a major contributor to their grant success and customer trust. Ventures have seen a steady growth in revenues, partnerships and continuous product improvements attributed to ISHOWs Bootcamp. As a result, past winners are willing to join the ISHOW Alumni Network. Ventures expect a lot of networking, benchwork marking, knowledge sharing during the ISHOW Alumni network sessions. Alumni network will enhance direct and collective engagement of past winners with ISHOW. It is recommended that the Alumni network is piloted in 2023 to improve ISHOW engagements and networking amongst past ISHOW winners.

Preliminary survey results from past ISHOW finalists indicated how much more confident they feel since participating in ISHOW

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