ASME ISHOW Longitudinal Study on Social Return on Investment - 2023

An Impact Research project to support ASME ISHOW in continuing the longitudinal study for impact evaluation of ASME ISHOW. Sponsored by ASME.

ASME ISHOW Longitudinal Study on Social Return on Investment

ASME ISHOW, an accelerator of hardware-led social innovation, has supported the entrepreneurial ecosystems in India, Kenya, and the United States since 2015. Research conducted by E4C Fellows over recent years helps ISHOW assess its impact on communities and the entrepreneurial ecosystems and ventures it supports.

This project aimed to support ISHOW’s internal data collection and Social Return on Investment (SROI) initiatives for past applicants, finalists (ISHOW regional), and winners (ISHOW Bootcamp). Specifically, this research contributed to an ongoing longitudinal study to collect and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data on ISHOW’s impact on early-stage startups and innovation ecosystems.

Working on this project, the Fellow conducted various interviews and surveys with past ISHOW finalists and winners. Consequently, the data collected were analyzed, synthesized, and integrated into the previous years’ findings to help visualize and measure ISHOW’s cascading impacts. The fellow also worked on determining the difference between pre and post-ISHOW capacities and confidence levels in ventures. At the end of the fellowship, a detailed report comprising an analytical database of the ISHOW’s impact on ventures was presented to the ISHOW team.

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