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Moladi Building System

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Moladi is a in-situ building method for housing solutions that combines a reusable and recyclable lightweight plastic injection molded formwork with a lightweight mortar mix  to make a reinforced monolithic structure.</span

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Product Description

The Moladi formwork components are fully interlocked and assembled into easy to handle panels which are configured into a full scale mould of the desired structure. The formwork panels are joined to form the external and internal walls cavities and all the steel reinforcing  pipes and other fittings are positioned within the wall cavity to be cast in-place when filled with the mortar mix.

The systems uses plastic formwork, Moladi mortar and reinforcement steel. The  Moladi mortar that is used to fill the formwork cavity is essentially concrete without stone. The Moladi construction method  has been intended so that unskilled homeowners can build their own house enabling community involvement in the process. According to the manufacturer, 1 m3 of Moladi mortar consists of approximately: 1800 kg or 0.720 m3 of local decomposed granite/river sand, 250 kg of 42,5 N ordinary Portland cement, 5 l of MoladiCHEM (non-toxic, water based chemical mix), and 200 l of water.

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