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Jackie Halliday

Practical Tools for Impact Design – Fusion 360

May 18, 2017

Date: 24 May 2017 Time: 12:00 PM EDT (convert to your time) Register Here! If you are looking for ways to...

Jackie Halliday

Empowering Citizens Through Technology to Reduce Marine Plastic Pollution

April 11, 2017

Date: 25 April 2017 Time: 11:00 AM EST (convert to your time) Register Here! In less than a 100 years we...

Jackie Halliday

Professional Water Well Drilling in Africa: Incentives and Support

February 24, 2017

Date: 21 March 2017 Time: 11:00 AM EST (convert to your time) Register Here! Drilled water wells are vital if...

Jackie Halliday

Equipping Development Actors to Practice Impact Design

February 8, 2017

Date: 23 February 2017 Time: 11:00 AM EST (convert to your time) Register Here! International development actors—from students, to engineers...

Iana Aranda

Prototyping on a budget

April 1, 2016

About this webinar: The raw cost of developing and bringing a product to market is often expensive. Hardware-based projects...

Jackie Halliday

Understanding Behavior Change to Ensure Success

February 14, 2016

About this Webinar: Development engineering focuses on the design, delivery and adoption of technology-based solutions. Often behavior change is...

Rob Goodier

The present and future of design education

November 3, 2015

Only a handful of institutions offer formal programs in engineering and design for global development. (We’ve mapped out many...

Frank Bergh

The Roots and Implications of Appropriate Technology

July 23, 2015

The term “appropriate technology” is so over-used as to be almost meaningless. The notion that technology alone can resolve...

Rob Goodier

What startups and governments can learn from Coca-Cola

April 18, 2015

Coca-Cola appears on store shelves worldwide, even in the most hard-to-reach villages in the developing world. That level of...

Jordan Schermerhorn

Using the Ebola Crisis to Inspire Design

November 10, 2014

It may seem implausible now, but someday the news crews will go home. The headlines in the West will...


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